Changing tides of every day

We are all creatures of habit.  We enjoy the safety of our own cocoon.  Our familiarity feels comforting because we know the terrain, we anticipate the crags and smooth places.  We know the ebb and flow.   We feel, what appears reality but is really just illusion, that we are in control.  This is the driving force that keeps us in the same lane day after day.  We can gauge the unknown from a place of knowing.  It even feels as though we can stop the train of time.  This life constantly in flux is changing every second.  Sometimes we embrace the change, most often we fight against its onslaught, in the same way the waves change as they ceaselessly come in and go back out.

Do you want to spice up your life?  Change up your routine.  Take a different route to work.  Walk a new way home,  Read a book outside of your usual genre.  Make a new friend and expand your world.  Find something new in your ritual and everyday ways of simplicity right where you are.

Keep a list of everything new you learn in one day and you’ll be amazed at the end of one week at how your life has expanded with every passing day.

Learn to marvel at life, looking at it with a new set of eyes.  Contemplate the richness that lives all around you, wherever you reside.  Life is always new but we fail to miss the message.  Approach your day in a new way.  Put on a new attitude.  Wear a smile.  Be yourself in a new way and watch your life become a colorful bouquet of beautiful flowers you have picked along the way.

Activate your newfound Joy.

Yours on the journey,


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