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Happy Martin Luther King Day,

On this auspicious day of days we celebrate this year with more zeal and awareness.  I enjoy listening to the speeches in Martin Luther King’s own words and feeling his message then as it applies now.

On the same note, it is becoming more and more clear that people show up in our lives mirroring our own lives in any given moment.  For instance, I am working with an eagle eye, single-pointed focus on my path or paths which are varied while the people I am in contact with this week have each been describing either how they are working with sorting out their path or that they have recently become aware of a looming needed change.  Either way, it all loops back to the same theme from a few blogs ago.  Are we being fed?  Is our time being spent in a satisfying and fulfilling way?  Are we doing what we most like to do?  Does what we are doing stir us, make us feel alive, excite us?  Are we engaging with the universe to better humanity?  Are we using our given talents and gifts?  And finally what are we most passionate about?  Because what drives us to move forward and create on any medium is the amount of passion we have that we wish to spend our time doing.

There are so many things one is good at, even great at, but is it what we want to do?  There is two sides that vie for our attention; what we ‘should’ do and what we want to do. What we want to do is what we should do.  Should being used for the gift we are given to share with the world.

We are stepping on the red leaf.  Meaning that which is our inherent gift, the answer we are looking for, is right underneath our feet and we cannot see it because it is that close.  A way to look at all the possibilities is to lay them all out in a circle with all your gifts, talents and plans surrounding the circle in the center which is you.  Look at all you are interested in and all you are great at to see if there is one single path you wish to focus on at this time in your life on the planet.  Then, make a timeline of all your other ideas which may simmer on the back burners or stew on their own until they are ready to bloom.

Joy to you overflowing!

Yours on the journey,



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