Sunday scrawls

There is a silent flow to our lives that goes on in a hidden manner, underneath the surface of what appears to be our matter-of-fact orderly life.  We are more than our surfaces appear to be and we know this deep down in our souls.  There is an energy that resides beneath the surface which is constantly watching, observing, waiting, hoping and gathering information.  Bubbling and gurgling and churning below, it beckons us, please hear me, see me, feel me, find me and do something.  It is a deep, driving calling from a place we may not even know exists even though it tugs and pulls at us from below.  We push it away, and I have been told in so doing…”we are denying God.”  We may think this outward existence is our reality and practically speaking it is, yet deep down within us lies a reservoir of treasures from another world.  A world of divinity or other that we can only barely grasp with our intelligence and sense-making mind.  We know it exists.  We feel it.  We intuitively sense it though we cannot explain it or see it with the naked eye.  It lies just beneath the surface though it may seem like it is way far away in the depths of our being.  Not so for it is so close to us that it is a misnomer.  It is us.  We are this magnificent energy and this magnificent energy is who we are.  To deny the pull that draws us inward toward our destined life, the life of our inherent knowing, is to deny God She/He/its expression in the world through us.  Our lives go on though in a kind of dull dreary manner of merely existing in a life we think we “should have” when the life that waits for us gives us signs that abound all around; if we listen, if we are aware.  To increase our awareness and our ability to hear and see and feel these signs and inward pull, we must be in a space of silence which comes from within.  It is good to literally be silent so as to listen with the heart but all other times we can tune in and find the silence and the answers within.  All things lie in waiting within us.  We truly do have everything we need for this particular journey.  We are born equipped with the necessary tools and crafts and talents and special gifts.  We just need to go to them, clear the path which may get strewn with others’ opinions, our own made up distractions, what the mind says we should do and on and on.  The path can become clear.  We can walk through in confidence to the place where our hearts and minds and whole selves are able to shine our magnificent light.  We have what we have been given for a reason.  Not to use it is to think we have a higher intelligence than the energy who created us.  Going with what is calling us is to live in harmony with the universe, creating with her in this dance of life.

Activate your joy!

Yours on the journey,



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