Spring Advancing…

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to the most tranquil time of year when all the earth here in the Northern
Hemisphere lies dormant and asleep. Time seems to accept our desire to be still,
to go within to the dormant and quiet place that dwells within our souls. To listen
and perhaps just be with ourselves at the start of a year that keeps spinning faster
and faster as the years go by. Cherish this time when the sun says
goodnight to us earlier and we get the sense that it is perfectly fine to come in
and rest. Our brains are always on an energetically high note. This time of
Winter can be revelatory. What are we filling the space with throughout the rest
of the year? What are we missing? What valuable peace and tranquility are we filling with
the endless amounts of happenings that abound all around us? Our souls beg us:
to come in, sit down and let it all be. Yes, the seeds have been sown and
they will continue to grow underneath the earth and begin to start sprouting but for now
this season of dormancy is for us to embrace and to cherish.
What new ideas will we discover? What new space can we uncover in our bodies
for ourselves, in our hearts for each other, in our souls for our creator?
Where do we want to go from here? What new adventures call to us? What new
path of studies beckons us on? What kind of life do we wish to create? What kind
of kind being do we anticipate will emerge from giving this time to ourselves?

We better our world and the people around us when we take the time out to better
our own beings.

Enjoy this earthly rotation and all its magical moments!

Until next time.

Yours on the journey,


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