August warmth into September winds…


August is ending and the seasons are beginning to change again.  We love it when Winter turns into Spring and Spring into Summer as the air becomes warm again.  September welcomes Autumn in and this means the ushering in of colder weather.  Winter looms on the horizon with the memory of last Winter being exceptionally cold.  So it is.  Grateful we are able to experience the change of seasons four times a year in this hemisphere.

Knowing what we know.

Knowing what we know, we are hesitant about what’s to come.

Knowing what we know, feeling what we feel, we try to put the mental brakes on Mother Nature and her quickly moving calendar.

Warm feels good.  Cold is more impacting.  There is more that we need – heavy layers upon our skin.  Bodies less exposed.  Faces shielded from wind and rain and snow, disguise us from recognizing each other.  We burrow in as we step inside again.  Spring and Summer offer sunlight and free childlike feelings of being out of doors.  Fall and Winter signal a coming home, soup on the stove, woolen blankets on our beds.  We stay indoors and experience a forced going within to the reality and authenticity of ourselves.  We come home again to the inside of our soul and meditate to slow the rhythm.  We encounter the Self again free from outside distraction.  In the middle of a white and freshly fallen snow we can be with ourselves.  For some people, maybe many people, this is what frightens us most.  This coming in again to contemplate and see ourselves exposed and empty.  To once again encounter the void or the want.  Perhaps a hunger returns, a hollow feeling of loneliness may linger as we recall a Winter of cold and and curling under covers upon covers just to feel heat.

Summer offers softness and an opening.  Hair blowing in the breeze, we step out with lightness and a spring in our step.  We go slower now in Winter.  Things and events dwindle down and are more widely spaced.  Yet each season is preparing us naturally for the next.  In Fall we collect the harvest we’ve grown and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  We change what we eat from light to heavier fare. Roots, squashes, and soups instead of salads, fruits and water-based foods.  Now we enjoy the taste of what grows down as well as up bringing depth and solitude to our souls as well as nutrition to our bodies.  We can practically taste the energy it takes to grow and we embody and contain it.  We sit more.  We are given greater opportunity for dharma talks and enlightened thought.  Ideas have time to germinate.  Winter holds the seeds of Summer’s exposition.

Acknowledge the changing seasonal tide.  Allow for the softening of Summer’s warmth to give into Autumn’s cool breeze.  Wallow in this sensual moment of silent reverie and lose yourself for an untold time as you create the visionary reality you will hold in the coming months.  How will your light shine on the grey days?  How will you turn the sunshine on within you?  How and what structure will you give to your days as you prepare for the coming of Spring again.  What will you accomplish inside?  Inside the doors of your very own heart?  Will you have learned to open?


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