Find Your Heart’s Desire – Peel Back the Layers

red apple being peeledDo you know what is in your heart buried deep down within? Only you alone can know what lies dormant there, waiting for the day when it is time for it to manifest, to burst through the warm earth and bloom. Let’s go there now. Let’s uncover to discover and recover the fountain of creativity that lies within you. Like the proverbial peeling back of the onion, one layer at a time. Let’s go together fearlessly and find that seed of ingenuity, that idea that sits quietly waiting for your arrival. That day has arrived. Today is the day. The time is now. There is not a moment to lose in having, in being, in achieving this new-found old desire of yours.

First, what is it? Can you identify what it is you are desiring? An intimate relationship? To begin writing? To begin a creative endeavor all your own?
To open and own your business? To seek a new job? To move to a new place? A new country? To travel to faraway lands?
#1–Discover what it is you want
#2–Uncover the seed of your desire hidden deep within your heart
#3–Recover this idea, this desire that has been with you for so long

Then, begin! This is the first day of the rest of your life. This is the day to begin to take those first few baby steps toward your new life. A life of actualization, a life of truth, a life of leading with your heart and not your mind.

This is your life and you are living it. Not those people in your head, those voices that tell you it can’t be done, the shoulds and the should nots, not other people’s opinions. Just you. Just your self, your big self!

This is an abundant life. As Jesus said, “I have come in order that you may have life–life in all its fullness.” John 10:10.

Go forth fearlessly, take and dare to live the life of your dreams. The world needs your creativity, your zest for life, your abundant enthusiasm.

Keep moving forward and achieve your heart’s desire!

Once you have the thought, you’ll find you take little steps to make it manifest and soon it is your reality.

Write it down, keep it in your thoughts, see it come forth and be happy!

Originally published 4/11/2012

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